The Alice Millard House

La Miniatura was originally built for a little over $20,000, which at the time was considered a small fortune.


Some weeks ago, as I was doing research for the Calori House Project, I had the unique and singular pleasure of spending an afternoon, by myself, at one of the most important pieces of Modern Architecture ever built. That is, the Alice Millard House.

Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to build this house for Alice Millard, a famed book dealer of the time,  in 1924. At this time, FLW began experiencing with textile block houses, a style that would characterize his work in Southern California for the years to come. The idea behind the textile block (which are the brick-like mayan blocks that make up the house) was to use and integrate the materials naturally found in the plot of land to build the structure of the house. Namely, they would pull the sand from the ground, make the blocks on-site, and then use them to build the house. This…

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